Super-Efficient Toyota Guy!

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Super-Efficient Toyota Guy!

Post by Gizmokid2005 » July 3rd, 2008, 9:28 am

At one company he worked at, there was this asshole of a guy who had a hobby -- tuning his Toyota for optimal mileage. The guy was annoying, and he would constantly come to them and ramble on about his latest adjustments that eeked out another .3 mpg. The guy kept meticulous records, noting precisely the amount of gas he put in the car, the miles he drove, the conditions he drove under, and the latest adjustment he had made.

One day, they decided to play a practical joke on him.

While one of them had him in a meeting, another went outside and added a gallon of gasoline to his car. They soon heard from him how he had a jump of something like 3 mpg. A few days later, they do the same thing, except adding two gallons. Eventually, they have this guy rambling about how he's got a super-efficient 60 mpg Toyota, and he's trying to get the company to come look at all his adjustments.

They keep it up, and eventually, the guy talks about how Toyota finally agreed to meet him in a couple of weeks.

Then they start siphoning gas from his car. His super-efficient Toyota soon performs like a 15 mpg guzzler.

He quietly cancelled the appointment with the Toyota engineer, and stopped blathering about his hobby.

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