Gizmokid2005's Minecraft Server Information

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Gizmokid2005's Minecraft Server Information

Post by Gizmokid2005 » February 9th, 2011, 11:14 pm

If you want to play on my server, here is the information you're going to need!

ALL Players MUST post in the appropriate checkin forum for the server they're playing in. The links are the server names in the list below.
I will check the forum against the server weekly and prune any users who disobey this rule.

Server list! (Can change at any time)
  • Main Survival Server:
    • First and foremost, the server rules. Simple, yet required!
      1. NO GRIEVING EVER!!!!
      2. LISTEN to ALL Admins and Ops!
      3. Play for the objective SURVIVAL MP. Stay alive and have fun!
      4. NO hacks, cheats, or duping allowed! (If you aren't sure if your "mod" is allowed, just ask.)
      5. Mark ALL buildings, structures, and property with a sign. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!!! If you do not, any land disputes will NOT be found in your favor.
      6. Do NOT build around the area of someone else. If you are going to build by someone else, leave AT LEAST 50 blocks from your property edge to the edge of their nearest marked area (UNLESS you have prior permission from the owner).
      7. When taking down a tree for wood, take down ALL the logs. This prevents floating leaves AND allows the leaves to drop many saplings (allowing natural leaf decay is preferred as this is a sure-fire way to get all the leaves and allows more saplings to come from the leaves).
      8. Cleanup, to the best of your ability (if an admin/op is around, they can do this easily), any creeper explosions/damage that was caused by you either directly or indirectly. You can use /helpop to request help from an op.
    • Address:
    • Map location:
    • Map Download:
    • Admin: Gizmokid2005
  • Test Server (typically is not running. Ask Gizmokid2005 for more info on uptime/current tests):
    • Address:
If you have been banned and have questions or want to appeal said ban, get ahold of Gizmokid2005 on his IRC channel, [url=irc://]#gizmokid2005[/url], or post a topic in this forum starting with "[Banned]".


The servers are all run for free, and shall continue to be free as long as I can do so. The server we run on costs in excess of $60/mo, so if you enjoy playing on the server and would like to donate, you're more than welcome to. But remember, I am NOT requiring you to donate to continue playing on my server. *Click here to donate*