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PortableApps IRC Rules

Post by Gizmokid2005 » December 6th, 2009, 3:44 pm

General Rules:
  1. If you need assistance, just say "help!", or ask your question, and WAIT rather than just leaving.
  2. Any and all discussions of illegal software should be avoided as they are disallowed.
  3. Do not PM/Query people without prior permission.
  4. Treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times.
  5. Always be courteous.
  6. Please watch your language. The following words are acceptable if used sparingly. If you are overusing them, you will be warned once. After that a mute and/or ban will be used.
    1. Crap
    2. Damn
    3. Hell
  7. No spamming, excessive multi-line posting (posting many messages at once that could be condensed into one line), or needless drivel.
  8. Excessive, pointless, or otherwise nick changing is explicitly DISALLOWED. You will be warned once, after that consequences will be decided by the current Op(s).
  9. During support, the following rules apply:
    1. Any and all previous conversation is to cease immediately.
    2. Only ONE person is to help the support requester unless otherwise specified.
    3. Discussion about the current support should occur in #portableapps-ot and not in the channel where support is occuring.
    4. IF there is no support related discussion occurring, #portableapps-ot can be used to continue any previous conversation in #portableapps until support is finished.
  10. Any decision made by an Op should NEVER be discussed for any reason. An Op's decision is never to be questioned or challenged. If the decision pertains to yourself, you may PM an Op to request clarification, but abuse will result in more severe consequences.
  11. Never sass, backtalk, or question an Op as mentioned previously.
  12. Any messages sent in all caps are completely disallowed, and will result in corrective action.
  13. Any excessive use of LOLspeak or a variation thereof will result in corrective action. Here you will find an explanation of LOLspeak.
  14. The channel is to be treated as a G rated channel at all times. Anyone acting outside of this realm will have corrective action taken.
  15. Any and all bots outside of the approved bots are not allowed in the channel. If the owner refuses to comply, both they and their bot will be kicked and banned without question.
  16. Approved bots:
    1. GizmoBot
    2. palogbot
    3. pabot
  17. Any abuse or excessive use of the bots will result in corrective action.
  18. Self-promotion is strictly prohibited unless cleared before-hand.
  19. The ops will ultimately have final rule over any situation.
Op List:
  • JohnTHaller
  • PatrickPatience
  • rmccue
  • KevinPorter
  • TimClark
  • Gizmokid2005
  • SteveLamerton
  • OliverK
  • markomlm
  • MaienM
  • ChrisMorgan
This list is not all-inclusive and there will be occasions that arise where none of the above rules apply. These situations will be handled on an individual basis and the Ops will be the ultimate judge of the situation.

This list will be amended as time progresses as unforeseeable circumstances arise.