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Gizmokid2005.com • Forum Guidelines
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Forum Guidelines

Posted: November 15th, 2007, 11:03 am
by admin
General Rules:

First and foremost, treat others as you wish to be treated.
  1. Only one account per member is allowed. Multiple accounts will be deleted without warning. If this behavior continues, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from the forum.
  2. Vulgar/inappropriate language will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to use vulgarities to get your point across, censor them yourself (ie. S**T). Any failure to do so will result in the automatic replacement of words by the filters.
  3. Inappropriate pictures/nudity will not be tolerated. If the content you are posting could be questionable, ask an admin/mod before posting it. If it is not appropriate for a public environment, use NSFW or NWS tags in the THREAD TITLE. Any failure to comply to this rule will result in removal of the content and a warning to the user.
  4. Spamming is strictly NOT ALLOWED. Any spam that is posted will be immediately removed and the user will be banned. Period.
  5. Advertisements - Will not be allowed unless approved before hand by an ADMIN.
  6. Soliciting falls under the same rules as advertisements and includes referral links/"programs". If admins/mods receive more than 3 complaints about the user spamming/advertising/soliciting the user will be banned, no questions asked.
  7. Flaming/Insulting - While this may be allowed to an extent, if it gets out of hand the offending users will be warned and posts will be removed. Flaming is NOT allowed in any help forums. Please keep it to a dull roar and adhere to the rest of the forum rules. If you continue after you have been warned, you run the risk of being banned.
  8. Discussion of Illegal activities will not be tolerated. If it's questionable, ask before posting.
  9. All posts are to be in English. If you are going to post in any other language, the English translation must also be included or the post will be deleted.
  10. Links made using TinyURL or a similar service are strictly prohibited. Any posts with such links will be removed immediately.
This list is not all-inclusive and there will be occasions that arise where none of the above rules apply. These situations will be handled on an individual basis and the forum team (admins/mods) will be the ultimate judge of the situation.

This list will be amended as time progresses as unforeseeable circumstances arise.

In ALL cases the forum team will be the determining rule of all forum activities.

Thank You,

Gizmokid2005 Admin and Forum Team